"Leadership is an action,not a position."

  --GM Address for year 2012

Our mission is To be a leading global high-tech partner in Superabsorbents materials to selected customers,and provide customers technical services which give them competitive advantages.

Everything we do at Danson shall have the aim of strengthening mutual long-term profitability with a proven expansion strategy. We have established strict criteria when evaluating opportunities based on creating long term value for our loyalty customers with our in depth expertise and professional experience. It is the customers' long-term needs, interests and desires that shall direct our development.

We shall delegate responsibility and authority as far as possible, in order to take advantage of opportunities and solve problems when they arise. We believe in the inherent capabilities of people, which is why everyone at Danson shall be provided opportunities for growth based on personal and corporate preconditions and objectives.

Danson has a strong track record of improving the productivity of superabsorbent business. We preserve the unique nature of the businesses we operate. We motivate the principles and technical consultants in the businesses and instill productivity and efficiency disciplines.The outlook for 2012 is positive and Danson will make the most us of financial flexibility to continue this successful strategy.